Precision Servies

We use Ag Leader's SMS (Spatial Management System) Software to provide services to improve your farming operation. We are using an Agleader system, but we can work with any monitor used in todays farming operations. Below is a list of things we can help or do for you.





1. Set up monitors. Put in hybrids/varieties for planting and harvest.

2. Calibrate monitors for corn and soybeans.

3. Variable Rate planting, fertilizer, and in season nitrogen.

4. Planting and harvest books. Compare planting rates to yields

5. Scouting (Different plans available)

6. Irrigation Recommendations

7. Separating irrigated and non-irriagted acres for insurance, VRT recommendations.

8. Comparisions of hybrids/varieties on field to farm base

9. Analysis of year to year growing seasons to see improvements.

10. What is your nitrogen efficiency? How much of that nitrogen was used by the crop this year?

11. What products work better for your farm operation from year to year?  Are you using readily available products?

12. Soil sampling ( grid or zone)

13. Breakeven points on a per field base and per farm base. Use for this: loans, cash rent, when to sell crops.

14. And more!

Any thing on that list that you might need to improve?

Call for questions and prices!


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