ProfiZone Services

Maximum Profit System (MPS)
ProfiZone Planting Plus Package
1. Planter Card Formatting
a. Fields and Hybrids
2. Post Planting Review
a. Data Cleaning and Recording
3. Emergence Scouting Trip
4. Seed Prescriptons

ProfiZone Harvest Plus Package
1. Harvest Card Formatting
2. Harvest Wrap-Up Meeting and Yield Book
3. Monitor Calibration Visits
a. 2 Calibrations per Harvest
b. Each Additional Combine

ProfiZone Budget Optimization Package
1. Budget Forecasting
2. Crop Planning to identify expenses
3. Grain Sale Monitoring
4. Weather Tracking
a. GDU and Precipitation Tracking and Monitoring
5. Grower access Log-In

ProfiZone Scout Pro Package
1. Bronze Scouting
a. 3 Trips
i. Emergence, V4/V5, Tassel
2. Silver Scouting
a. 5 Trips
i. To be determined by grower
3. Gold Scouting (recommended for Irrigation)
a. Weekly scouting trips
i. Irrigation Scheduling
ii. IPM
iii. Harvestability Scheduler

ProfiZone Profitability MAX Package
1. Planting Plus Package
2. Harvest Plus Package
3. Budget Optimization Package
4. Bronze Scouting Package
5. Yield Analytics
a. Hybrid / Variety Benchmarking
b. Fertility Consulting
c. Correlative Analysis (Hybrids vs pH level, etc.)
d. Profitability Analysis

ProfiZone Soil and Tissue Sampling
1. Fall and Spring Soil Testing
a. 1.1 – 20 acre grid sampling
b. Composite Sampling
2. In Season Tissue Sampling
3. Prices will vary depending on your program