NEW technology = New strategy

Technologies in the field of agriculture is forever changing, and in more recent years it has be changing at a rapid pace. It is the Agventure Yield Specialists job to stay up to date on new techniques and technologies that may benefit his growers operations or improve in an area that is still considered Vague or outdated. One such technology that fills the gaps in our grid sampling and tissue sampling fertility programs is a new RESIN technology by UNIBEST, in layman's terms, we can simulate the root uptake by a corn or soybean plant with a ball made of RESIN in a soil solution and then test the sample in the lab to see what nutrients will be available, how much, and when. This process takes only a few days and can give you with a degree of accuracy proven to be within 2% of tissue samples taken at the time selected. FOR example with our program, we take a composite soil sample at V1-V2 growth stage, utilizing the UNIBEST resin technology we can predict what nutrients the farmer will have available in the plant at any growth stage and we can plan foliar/sidedress applications accordingly to provide convenience and efficiency to the operation while also producing top yields. Just another tool in the box of the Maximum Profit System, contact your local Seed Source AYS to learn more!!


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