Planting 2016

With the 2016 planting season in full swing and realization setting in that time is not on our side its easy to neglect the field conditions at planting and to reconsider our crop maturity selection. Side wall compaction, nonuniform seeding depth, Open seed trenches, poor singulation, These problems are all tied to poor conditions at planting and can set an undesirable base for your yield potential but trading a hybrid with a regions desirable maturity for one designed for a shorter growing season can cause undesirable consequences also. Typically you may experience some unwanted moisture from a later planted full maturity hybrid but the corresponding yield more often than not far out weighs the cost of drying or elevator docks in comparison to sacrificing overall yield with a shorter maturity hybrid. Conditions in which the field is planted can, at the end of the year, make a big difference on whether or not we remain profitable on those acres also. During wet years where the possibility of not getting that field planted in the desired time window is real, Poor planting conditions are a fact of life, the best way to combat these scenarios is to consult with your local AYS over in season Options to make the most out of your crop with the potential side effects of this planting season's outcomes.

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