Crop Planning

As the season passes the halfway mark it is time to start preparations for next year’s crop. Creating a crop plan for your next season has proven to increase yields and save valuable time during the growing season. Integrating a solid fertility program is the cornerstone for your crop plan, utilizing grid sampling and variable rate technologies can save you time and money while also potentially increasing yields. Furthermore selecting the right Hybrid or Variety for each of your fields can prevent unnecessary applications while also increasing your crops top end.

Foliar Feeding

With the Season in full swing and all of the recent weather events there are many strategies to consider to counteract the damage from mother nature. The application of fungicides, foliarblend, and Micro nutrients can help combat the onset of diseases such as brown leaf spot in soybeans and gray leaf spot in corn. These diseases are more prone in damp, humid conditions and can easily develop in stressed or shredded plant tissues, sound familiar?


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