Planting 2016

With the 2016 planting season in full swing and realization setting in that time is not on our side its easy to neglect the field conditions at planting and to reconsider our crop maturity selection. Side wall compaction, nonuniform seeding depth, Open seed trenches, poor singulation, These problems are all tied to poor conditions at planting and can set an undesirable base for your yield potential but trading a hybrid with a regions desirable maturity for one designed for a shorter growing season can cause undesirable consequences also.

Planting 2015

Many will agree that the majority of farmers do not utilize their precision equipment, but that is ok, at the seed source we are here to Help. With the purchase of our Planting Plus package a qualified professional in house will provide planter card formatting, meaning we will prepare field names and hybrids on your planting monitor so as to create a solid base for the end of the season correlations to make your next seasons decisions.


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